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25m Strip light with reel 180 led/m super bright , IP65 waterproof for outdoors

25M Strip light with reel uses super bright SMD 2835 LED as light source with 180 LEDs per meter. Powerful commercial LED strips are coated with silicone for better light transmittance and IP67 waterproof rating. Flexible to adapt to different occasions, easy installation and high reliability. 

High quality LED rope light, 180pcs LED/m with high lumen, but with low power consumption and heat generation. Widely used in the lighting of shopping malls, shopping malls, conference rooms, factories, clubs, hotels, light boxes, performing arts and other places. Decorative lights for festivals, events, exhibitions, weddings, parties, etc.

High voltage 25M Strip light with reel are strips driven by high voltage. Because it is powered by AC power, it is also called AC light strip. Such as AC110V/230V LED strips.

220-240V LED strip is mainly made of PCB board and PVC plastic through injection molding process. There is an independent copper wire on each side of the formed light strip, which is used as the main power supply wire of the whole light strip.

The flexible PCB board is sandwiched between the two main conductors, and there are 180 LED chips evenly distributed on the PCB board. It emit 1000lm/m super bright.

All high-voltage 220-240V light strips are sleeves, and the waterproof level is IP65.

There is a scissors mark on the light strip every certain distance (1M/0.5M), indicating that this place can be cut. Cut light strips can be reconnected. The longest connection is 50 meters, and only one rectified power supply is required. When in use, just connect to the power outlet to work normally.

LED strips are commonly used to outline various buildings, construct large lighting patterns, decorate various indoor entertainment facilities, home landscaping, and other auxiliary lighting and decorative lighting applications.

Product  Application:

1. Designed with AC power directly input, easily for hot plug in/out without additional power supply.

2. Supply with rolling bracket or the storage for customer.

3. The AC strip light is IK10 approval and IP65 approval. IP65 Can be applied for indoor or outdoor place.

4. And Soft PVC housing with thick, firm, strong weather resistance, non-yellow change, and fire-resistive character.

5. Using SMD2835 LED with high efficiency and performance feature, to get a energy saving product.

6. Multi-stand pure copper material for the main conducted cable, with small impedance, low thermal and good chemical stability.

7. Cold to touch design.Even the power as high as 10W per meters, and total power 250W, it is Cold to touch in the surface and the life span for led is 30000 hours .

8. Weatherproof. Can be used in temperature from -25 ° C to 45 ° C

9. Can be supplied with different lengths base on project case, Cuttable every 1m, with quick connector, max connect to 50 meters.

10. AC strip light is much easy to install. It can by tie by a ribbon or install in wall by clip or a handing hook or let it lie in ground . No worry the space is narrow or the tough environment .