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AC 230V strip light IK10 IP65 with Linkable connector PVC strip light


This AC strip light is widely use in jobsite as it plug in and play design , convenience for the end user . IK10 PVC housing case allow it use under heavy duty environment such as Cold weather in -20 degree and above 45 degree and anti-UV PVC material make it possible to work in outdoor under the sun and rain .

Strip light is connectable , max. Link 50 meters and 500W each roll, The Flexible design make it easy storage .A meter consists of 180 high-performance LEDs that are evenly distributed throughout the length. This provides a good working light along the entire LED strip. Connects directly to 110V/230V. With the help of a small converter on the connection cable, alternating current is converted to direct current. The light is divided into independent segments, which means that if a segment should stop working, the rest of the LED strip will continue to light so that the work can continue.


1. AC strip light designed with AC power directly input, easily for plug-in/out without additional power supply.

2. Supply with carrying and rolling bracket or the storage for customer.

3. The AC strip light is IK10 approval and IP65 approval.

4. Soft PVC housing with thick, firm, strong weather resistance, non-yellow change, and fire-resistive character.

5. Cold to touch design.Even the power as high as 10W per meters, and total power 50W, it is Cold to touch in the surface and the life span for led is 30000 hours .

6. AC strip light is much easy to install. It can by tie by a ribbon or install in wall by clip or a handing hook or let it lie in ground . No worry the space is narrow or the tough environment .


Q: Can the AC strip light working both in AC 120V and 230V ?

A: No. It only can powered by 120V or 230V .

Q: Can the AC strip light cut and connect again ?

A: Yes. You will find the Shear Mark every 50cm for 120V or 100cm for 230V. customer can cut at this position and connect with Strip light connector and glue it together .

Q:If a led chip die, will all the led chip can’t light on ?

A: No. The led chip is in parallel, if one led chip die, only 1 pcs led chip die.

Q:What is the led chip for AC strip light ?

A: The led chip is SMD 2835 .

Q: How to mount the Led strip light ?

A:There are some ways to mount the AC strip light :

1. Mount it by double sided tape ;

2. With LED Strip Mounting Clips ;

3. With Led strip light Track .

Q:Is this suitable for a 300 sq ft. indoor industrial style use with 11 ft. slab height? Do all lights shine straight towards the ceiling?

A: All work lights will rotate and point towards ceiling or floor. Very bright and would light up at least a 400 square foot room