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Good Lighting Running Group

We all know that physical activity is the key to good health. Regular activity helps prevent a range of diseases, heart attacks, cancer and diabetes, but sport does more than just keep us physically healthy.

Our company set up a running group in 2019, and every Saturday we run with our departmental workers who love sports.Everyone benefits from sport participation. From our boss to workers in production department to family of employees, sport brings people together.

The benefits of sport go well beyond just health. Our whole company are strengthened when we come together to play sport, building a sense of belonging and developing our sense of corporate identity.We are a young and energetic team, and we are dedicated to making every product and providing excellent service to our customers.Good times and bad, keep running, it makes us unshakable no matter what happens, If you are passionate about something, you will reap the surprises of life.

Don't hesitate anymore,welcome to join us!