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A portable work light is an important tool to have on any job site, allowing you to work safely and more effectively at night or when tackling low-light projects. So the work light is a great tool to have, but there are situations when you are better off with a corded light, and you probably should own both. So, which light should go where? Let's look closer at the issue to find out.

In the Shop

If your job keeps you mobile, you should have a battery-powered light. But what happens if you need your light and the batteries are dead? This is the perfect place for Cordless LED work light from Good Lighting. It is powered by Makita, Dewalt, Milwaukee, Bosch.This work light functions as both a trouble light and flashlight. It also allows you to enjoy the benefit of removable battery packs. Charge one battery while using a second battery!

Bosch,Makita, Dewalt, Milwaukee LED Work Light

On building site

If most of your duties are outdoors, you can choose a high-power corded light to serve your needs. With Good Lighting, you will find many cord lengths and reel models are available to keep your power cord wound up, and safely out-of-the-way.

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Regardless of your job, we suggest owning both a corded and cordless work light for your shop. That way, you ensure you are prepared, whether you are able to plug in, or not.

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