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How to make a Makita work light powered by Bosch,Dewalt,Miwaukee,RYOBI battery ?

How to make a Makita work light power by Bosch,Dewalt,Miwaukee,RYOBI battery ?

In this video today I’m going to show you our brand new PRO-TOOL, cordless work light match with power tool 18V batteries.

Together with a Korean designer, we develop this patent, compact size and portable led work light.

It’s a 20W LED lamp, and we have two battery base, one access to 18V Bosch power tool battery, you can buy the battery from us or you can use original Bosch battery.

And this one is the Makita base, then you can use any 18V power tool batteries from Makita.

You may ask, what if I want to access to more other brands?

From the Makita base, we have developed some extra adapters.

Like this one, you can put onto the Makita base and you can access to Milwaukee, this one you can access to DeWalt, and also this one you can access to Bosch from a Makita base.

So with one lamp you can access to four different brands of power tool batteries. And also we have upgrade solution, this adapter you can access to our lamp and you can use it on your Makita power tool.

This one is the adapter you can use Stanley 18V batteries, and this one you can use Milwaukee and DeWalt 18V batteries.


So, with an adapter , you can make the Makita work light powered by any brands you like .