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How to choose a camping light?

The first question to ask yourself when searching for a camping light is how much brightness you anticipate needing. Brightness is measured in lumens, they have max outputs ranging from 60 to a whopping 5,000. Most also have dimming capabilities and numerous modes that allow you to choose your level of brightness for any given situation—for example, our LED camping light has four intensities, including a dimming option to keep the battery running longer.


If you spend a lot of time camping in remote locations, it may be worth considering a USB-rechargeable lamp that’s also equipped with a built-in solar panel. Our camping light with this feature. Solar panels can be a convenient way to get added juice in the backcountry—simply leave your lamp out in the sun and wait—but there are some downsides. Namely, the solar panels on these units are fairly small and therefore take a long time to charge, especially if conditions aren’t ideal (even on lightly overcast days, you may run into power issues). In the end, they’re a nice supplementary option, but we advise bringing along another power source to expedite the recharging process via USB if possible.


In addition to dimming capabilities and modes to adjust intensity, many lights feature additional settings for customizing the ambience at camp. Our camping light has a flickering function and multiple color modes.For many campers, and especially those with limited space in their trunk or garage, weight matters less than packability. Our camping light with collapsible designs and lightweight,it is excellent options for those limited on space.


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● 4 in 1 design: Power bank+work light+warning light (flash light)+ integrated solar panel.

● Built-in 4400mAh lithium battery, quite long battery back-up time.

● Four-gear lighting modes: Spotlight (strong) for 7hrs, spotlight (weak) for 20hrs, flood light for 30hrs, flash light (red) for 100hrs. It could be used for different lighting needs.

● USB input DC5V/2A, output DC5V/2.1A, quick charge and discharge.

● 6V/1W mono solar panel, high conversion efficiency.

● Can be rotated 360°, bracket with strong magnets, can fix or hang it any- where or for portable use, multifunctional, very easy and convenient.

● Plated treatment of aluminum reflector, scientific and rational light distribution design to improve light efficiency and brightness.

● Black+orange ABS shell with nice corner protection design, sturdy and durable.

● IP64 rating, waterproof.

● Smart and safe circuits control, creative design, patented item.


Ideal for mountain climbing, camping, outdoor adventure, power failure

emergency, equipment maintenance, warning use, etc. Can be a back-up power bank as well.