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Camping Vibes in Camping Work Lights 2023


· fan with led light

New Year New Start, same us but improving existing skills instead of trying out something entirely new but abandoning them in the end. May you feel at peace within yourself, and find healthy forms of engaging with your needs. Camping trip is a good way for slow your spirits and relive stress.


Go out to travel the sweet Summer Vibes.

Go wild to enjoy outdoor camping Lives!!


People invite their friends, families to join in their camping lives and enjoy the nature view and outdoor vibes.


Since the camping entertainment becomes more and more popular, people are facing with a variety of camping gears and wondering what kinds of their proper choice.


For camping enthusiasts, they are about to seize the timing of summer camping. As the packing space is limited and the journey is short, more lightweight and more multi-functional camping gears become more popular.

The camping season is approaching again. Camping Lanterns are one of the most important supplies for outdoor sports. GOOD LIGHTING recommends a series with high cost performance: 3 IN 1 Multi-function Camping Fan + Dimming LED lamp + Power Bank Function. Many outdoor team members of these fixtures are using it, and the general response is good.

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Why we named them “3 IN 1”?

As we combine three function into one fixture: CAMPING FAN + LED dimmer Work Light + Power Bank.

We develop camping lanterns featuring rechargeable & durable built-in Battery system. Own a portable fan as a cooling system, and you could turn on a dimming light for night reading/ fishing / exploring at the same time.

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Besides, considering the camp tent, these items come with multi-functional practical design to match your usage. At their both sides, you could find the position knob to rotate the angle for fixed directional lighting. Or you could unfold the swiveling safety hook for isolated suspension to hang it on your tent. What's more, the USB cable equipped for connect power to charge itself. In addition, you could carry it as a emergency power station with its Type-C port for you fast charge your digital devices (such as smart phones, laptops, etc.

Comparing with those similar items in market, we are factory-direct-sales and we guarantee good quality and competitive prices are generally one year product warranty.

The cordless fan light series is applied in variety of applications, like your office desktop, workshop workbench, flat floor, household bedroom/living room/study room, and garden party, etc.

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Cute people doing cute camping things. Let’s camp together in beautiful scenery in outdoor vibes. Even in cool season, you still could take good advantage of its lighting.