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Which Portable LED Work Light is Right for You?

Guidelines of Choosing the best jobsite work light

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A portable work light is an important tool to have on any job site. Energy-efficient LED work lights instantly illuminate dimly lit areas, allowing you to work safely and more effectively at night or when tackling low-light projects.

With so many options available, which portable work light might make a good fit for your needs? Consider the following factors when purchasing a new LED work light.

Corded vs. Cordless Models

The power supply of an LED work light matters. For projects that require you to travel to multiple locations on a regular basis, a battery-operated portable light might be the best solution for your lighting needs. These truly portable work lights allow the ability to brighten spaces that aren't located within close proximity to power outlets. Cordless portable work lights are often smaller in design and easier to transport, too. Look for portable LED lights with long-lasting and lightweight lithium-ion batteries.

If you're working in a workshop or an area that has direct access to an electrical outlet, a corded LED work light may be a great lighting option for you. Compared to battery-operated work lights, corded portable LED work lights offer the convenience of unlimited run-times without the need for recharging. Certain models of corded portable lights offer brighter illumination, which could be useful if you consistently work in poorly lit spaces.

Work Light Design

If you need the ability to illuminate a broader area, opt for a portable light to use in conjunction with a tripod work light stand. Work light stands are compatible with many halogen, CFL and LED work light models. Most feature the convenience of adjustable height and pivoting heads that allow you to direct the light output towards your working field.

Light Output and Brightness

The light output of a portable work light refers to the overall visible light energy it produces, which is also referred to as lumen output. Lumen ratings are measurements of the entire output of the light. Other factors that may influence the lumen output and brightness of a work light are its beam distance, which is measured in meters, and its bulb type.

Water and Impact Resistance

Other important factors to weigh are the water- and impact-resistant capabilities of the portable LED light. Water-resistance is particularly critical if you work in rainy conditions or around bodies of water where the risk of electrocution is a possibility.

Measured in meters, a portable light's impact resistance level refers to its ability to remain functional after occasional accidental drops.

Where to Find the Best Portable Work Light 

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