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Types of SMD5050/SMD3528/SMD 2835

What is SMD LED?

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SMD stands for Surface Mounted Device, SMD LED is a package type of LED produced by using surface-mount technology (SMT) to mount LED chips on printed circuit boards (PCB).

The Meaning of The Number of an LED CHIP:

The model number shows the external size of the SMD LED.

LED chips, also known as surface mounted diodes or SMDs, are all identified by a four-digit number. Actually, it simply indicates the dimension of the LED chip. For instance, SMD 2835 size is 2.8 mm x 3.5 mm.

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SMD5050 VS SMD3528 VS SMD 2835

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SMD5050: the best option for brightness.

SMD3528: the an affordable range.

SMD2835: with smallest size and better heat dissipation than the other two.


LED strip lighting can be manufactured using a variety of different LED chip types.

Now the 3528 and the 5050 chip types are main common applied in the LED tape market.

The Difference Between 2835 and 3528

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Same Size: 2835 (2.8*3.5mm) and the 3528 (3.5*2.8mm) have the same dimensions in length and width.


Appearance on Thickness: 2835’s regular thickness is 0.8mm, half of 3528. the SMD 2835 LED looks much slimmer. That can effectively decrease the size of the finished products.


Luminous Flux: The size of the diode plays a key role in luminous flux. The higher the luminous flux, the higher the brightness. Due to 2835 can package bigger diode, the 2835’s luminous flux is 25 lumens far higher than the 3528’s 8 lumens. And the power of 2835 is also higher than that of 3528. Therefore, 3528 is a low-power LED, and 2835 can be mid-power LED and high-power LED.


Heat Dissipation:With regard to heat dissipation/low temperatures, 2835 is better than 3528. SMD 2835 LED chips is designed with an additional bottom heat sink, which is workable for dissipating the heat from itself, increasing its working life, available for achieving high power, high brightness, and better durability.


Competitive Price: User cares about the competitive price. As a newer design with a more complicated internal structure, 2835 is priced higher than 3528. While with these years of development, the price of 2835 becomes lower than the earlier period.


Application area: The low-power of 3528 is still used for some low-power lighting products. For example, some LED strip manufacturers will produce a kind of high-density LED strip with hundreds of 3528 LEDs. SMD3528 can fit in PCB/foot. Besides, SMD3528 is also cost-effective. So, if you want high density single color lighting, SMD3528 is an ideal choice. 2835 is a better version of SMD 3528 in most lighting industries, especially widely used in LED strips, spotlights, linear lights, and so on. With its high luminous flux, better dissipation, and smaller size, 2835 wins the competition in the mid-power and high-power SMD LED industry.

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Buying Tip: 3528 SMD LEDs can be most cost effective, but will not be as bright when compared individually to a 5050 chip, but when there are 600 of them on a reel, they can be brighter than a 5050 strip.


5050 SMD LED Also known as a “tri chip,” this 3-LED design creates a high-output LED light with three times the brightness of the 3528 at about 22 lumens per chip. It’s also available as a “quad chip” with 4 LEDs.


Above all, the size of the chip and how many chips you will need depend upon the use for which the LED strips are going to be used. We can help you design your project and select the strip and chip needed, welcome to contact our specialist for further inquiry!