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360-degree Super Bright Portable LED Work light

Good Lighting, Better Life.

· LED work light,Temporary Lighting

Lighting is essential when performing tasks related to construction, especially when you’re dealing with electricity or running wires. We all know that not every jobsite is the same, so we have to be prepared when the time comes. Temporary lighting is often a necessity when wiring a structure that doesn’t have electricity readily available. So below this UP Light is very suitable to light up our jobsite when electricity is not readily available.


led temporary work light

Key features

Production Line

1.The LED Chips we choose

San'an SMD LED Chip

Aging Process

2. How we do the package of it

Customer Review

If you are the private user, just want to have few pcs to do your home lighting, welcome to order on our Alibaba.

Blow is our Alibaba shop link:

If you are plan to do the wholesaling of this product, welcome to visit our webiste and leave your email, let us discuss, and let us know how to support you.

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