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Light up your jobsite with our LED Area Work Light

A Professional, Powerful, High Power LED, battery powered or AC version, Multi-Function Mobile Area Lighting System.

In case you are searching for a work light for indoor or outdoor use, search no more.Our Good Lighting PRO-SITELUX LED Area Work Light series is a promising model that has excellent features to offer.

10 reasons why customers like our product

No.1 High power LED worklight for illuminating indoor or outdoor.

40W Battery version

40W battery version

40W AC version

60W/100W Battery version

60W/100W AC version

NO.2 It has a durable and steady tripod that gives stability and makes it ideal for job use.With this retractable tripod for delivery and storage easily,giving you a very portable light which is fast to set-up.Moreover, our model is metal housing ( mainly in the market is plastic housing).

No.3 Built with robust, durable aluminum casting,which allows for high conductivity.

No.4 With an internal AC output socket, which allows the lamp to be used in the continuous connection.

No.5 Shining at 360 degree beam with max 100lm/W efficiency you will feel like you are working in the day time.

No.6 The milky pc diffuser emits smooth and comfortable lighting. The LED lamp ensures that you get maximum light with very low energy consumption.

No.7 Waterproof IP65 and weather resistant allowing you to work in any condition for years to come,perfect for outdoor activities.

No.8 Detachable shoulder strap and optional carrying bag for carrying makes transportation very convenient.

No.9 With TUV-CE, ROHS,PSE,ETL approved, making sure the quality of our products can be recognized by customers from different countries.A set of strict quality management system ensure the high quality products.

No.10 Ideal for both large and small spaces. Delivers broad, near shadow-free illumination.

Therefore,this work light is undoubtedly extraordinary compared to other work lights you will see in the market today.Good Lighting has a full range of powerful worklights and floodlights. Take a look at the products range by clicking on the links below.

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