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How do I choose the right camping outfit?

There are a wide variety of camping supplies, some for comfort and some for lightweight. Some people like to drive to the camping site, while others prefer to hike to the camping site. Camping equipment is not necessarily good or bad, the most important thing is to make a list according to your own needs.

Camping essentials list item


#1: Camping tents

A set of camping tents includes inner and outer tents, camp bones and camp nails. The double-layer design of the inner and outer tents can reduce the accumulation of water vapor in the camp and keep the camp dry. Waterproof materials for flysheets, tested with a waterproof water volume of 2000mm per square meter per hour, will not penetrate water. When choosing a camping tent, you can choose according to the number of people.

Camping essentials list item

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#2: Backpack

A backpack of about 50L is sufficient, and if you need to carry more equipment, you need a larger backpack. But don't forget that bringing too much equipment can overburden your body.

If you do not exercise regularly, it is recommended that the whole equipment should not exceed 15% of your body weight.

If you weigh 60kg, don't weigh more than 9kg.

Plus, the carrying system helps distribute the weight to the lower body (not your shoulders!). ), helps to maintain body balance.

#3: Sleeping bags

When choosing a sleeping bag, you should pay attention to the following points:

Height vs sleeping bag length

A sleeping bag that is too short can make it difficult to turn around; In addition to adding unnecessary weight to a sleeping bag, the larger the space inside the sleeping bag, the more energy the body has to expend to keep warm, and the more cold it will be at night. Parents should consider that the child's development period is fast, and the sleeping bag that is just this year will be too short next year.

Ambient temperature vs sleeping bag comfort temperature

Sleeping bags will be marked with comfort temperature, please choose a sleeping bag according to the current temperature. For example, choose a sleeping bag with a comfort temperature of 20 degrees Celsius at a temperature of 20 degrees. Be aware that suburban temperatures tend to be lower than in urban areas, and you may want to choose a sleeping bag with a lower comfort temperature.


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Cap vs No cap

Sleeping bags without hats are more suitable for people who turn around more when sleeping; The head is the most likely to dissipate heat energy, and a sleeping bag with a cap can better preserve body temperature.

Item vs weight

Down sleeping bags are the lightest and more expensive; Chemical fiber cotton is generally heavier and cheaper.


#4: A camping lantern

All experienced camper know that a qualified camping lantern is one of the most essential tools for a successful outdoor adventure. Having a trustworthy lantern in your arsenal comes with a host of benefits, from lighting your way in the dark to providing much needed illumination during an unexpected power outage.

Long working duration is the most important factor when choosing your outdoor camping light. Secondly it must be waterproof and weatherproof, for you will stay outdoor for long time.