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Lighting is a very important part of any work and living environment.

Good lighting is also a key element when working in a garage, construction site or doing household works. Poor lighting conditions increase safety risks. There are numerous smaller and bigger work accidents every year, which are connected to poor lighting conditions. When searching for a work light you can find many options on the market. But are they all suitable for the work environment?

A surefire way to hinder progress is by trying to work in the dark. It fatigues your eyes and your mind. Plus, when you have to do something twice because you couldn’t see well the first time, it can add to your body’s workload. Instead, install the best work light for your workshop or job site. Whether you place a light under a cabinet, on the hood of a car, or in a dimly-lit corner of a room, a good work light is always a welcome work companion.

A light more like our GO-TOOL Power Tool Work Light is more your style. This cordless 18V LED tool work light, which is portable with a flexible battery interface provides high-powered brightness, with 1,800 lumens that deliver plenty of light for large job sites. This work light features versatile operations and multi convertors, compatible with Bosch/ Makita/ Milwaukee/ Dewalt power tool batteries. It delivers great runtime provided by rechargeable handtool 18V batteries. The light provides high and low brightness, enough for an entire workday. The light has an adjustable stand for versatile positioning. If you find yourself working in confined spaces or just need both hands to do your job, having a work light with a magnetic base and versatile hook options is ideal. It allows you to attach the light to the drywall frame or a nearby pipe. Think about how often this feature could have come in handy.


Don't fumble around in the dark, this guide sheds some light on the best work light for your workshop or job site.