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GO-SITELUX 360-Degree Work Light

How to light up a construction site -- you can choose a simple 360-degree lighthouse work light!

Consider the complete illumination filled in a construction site with good lighting, we develop 3 types of 360-degree LED construction floodlight.

In occasions of work site in the trades, such as painting, optimal illumination of working environment is absolutely essential. To light up an entire space uniformly in all directions, you do not own multiple LED floodlights, thus one 360°construction floodlight with 360°beam angle can achieve the full directional illuminating.

Thanks to versatile design of a tripod mounted screw hole, it can be mounted on the Future Stand, significantly increasing the range and comfort of use. Or you can choose one piece 360°Light tower offering all-round lighting.Optional Output sockets equipped for connecting other electrical devices or connecting luminaires in series.

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You can choose from the following variants:

l 40W 60W 100W Rechargeable Battery Operated Type or Hybrid AC/DC Type 360-degree area work light with 3 dimmer settings, no output socket.

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l 200W 300W 400W Heavy Duty Moveable 360-degree LED Site floodlight with output socket 

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