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Different Types of Site LED Work Lights


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With the evolution of Site LED Work Lights, the days of flimsy, rickety and dangerous halogen 

lights or fluorescent work lights with defunct bulbs, and throwing them away at the end of the

 job, have gone. The introduction of the latest technology Good Lighting LED range has 

provided a quality and maintenance-free solution to on-site lighting requirements.

Rechargeable Lights – Stand-alone rechargeable floodlights have also become more popular in recent years due to their convenience and running times of up to six hours per charge. From a health and safety perspective, there is also a preference for cordless lighting solutions as cables can be a trip hazard on site. The Good Lighting range features two rechargeable floodlights; 10 watts with 900 lumens of light and it’s bigger brother – 30 watts with 2700 lumens of light. Also, recently added to the Good Lighting cordless LED range is the new 50 watt rechargeable 360° Uplight with 4500 lumens of bright light.

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All Round Lights – Ideal lighting solution for luminating entire rooms or areas as oppose to flooding a single working area. Although the light is not as intense as floodlights, it is emitted a full 360° around the light source – giving greater coverage over a larger area. The Good Lighting range features two LED Uplights with retractable tripod legs – 110V mains and a handy rechargeable model, both with surface mounted devices (SMD) LED modules, protected by impact resistant opal polycarbonate lenses. The 110V LED Uplight also features an outlet socket for running the lights in series.

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