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85W Light Tower


· LED work light

Industrial lighting manufacturer

GOOD LIGHTING announced today the release of a new LED Tripod stand light tower designed for high output and stable elevation of lighting up to 3meters. The LightPro 85W Mounted LED Work Area Light can illuminate 12,000 square feet of work space and features three rugged legs designed for stability.

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Below is one of our old customers’ comment,


This Lightpro 85W Tripod stand light is awesome! I Found a good deal on it so I did a little research to compare this light to the others. I absolutely love it! This elevated work area LED light provides exceptionally bright area lighting for operators in confined spaces or open areas.Decide to give it a shot. Based on more compact size than the market, I put dual batteries on the tripod area work light 85W see what it was about. Wow! I was so impressed by the lumen output, It almost light up my warehouse. So I immediately went to order another one as a gift for my partner. I didn't time it but runtime on either the 4.0 or 6.0 battery will not disappoint. Plus, It is using a frost cover so the light is soft and smooth without dazzling. Very sturdy and durable that you can take it to the harsh construction sites. With the flexibility of three different working heights and rotating LED head the possibility are endless. I use it for my job, repairing heavy equipment. I also turn it on for emergency lighting inside during power outages. I've used it for a camping site light and field dressing deer. I just can't say enough good things about the LightPro 85W Makita work light! Blue is also my lucky color, I definitely will go for it.

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