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21V MAX Cordless Jobsite Fan

· fan with led light

Enhance performance and comfort on hot work days with the 21V MAX* Cordless Jobsite Fan which delivers a powerful, concentrated air flow. With 20V MAX* compatibility, you can power this tool with the same battery you use with your other adaptable cordless tools. Conveniently stand it up, hang it, or mount it where you need so it is not in the way and choose the power setting you want with variable speed control.


Makita is a well-known brand that produces power tools and other equipment for various applications, including fans. They offer both AC-powered and DC-powered fans, both of which operate on an 18V power supply.We Good Lighting fan is powered by an 18V DC (direct current) power source, commonly provided by Dewalt/Makita's 18V lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are rechargeable and allow for cordless operation, providing greater mobility and flexibility. DC-powered fans are ideal for outdoor use, remote locations, or situations where access to electricity is limited.


These fans are designed for cooling and improving air circulation in various settings, helping to provide comfort and ventilation during hot and stuffy conditions. They are commonly used in conjunction with other Makita 18V cordless tools, as they can share the same battery platform.

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Here are some key features highlighted in the description:

1.Powerful Airflow: The fan delivers a powerful and concentrated airflow, which helps improve ventilation and keeps the working area cooler during hot days.


2. Cordless Convenience: Being cordless and powered by 21V MAX* batteries, this fan offers greater mobility and flexibility. It can be used in various work settings, including outdoor job sites or locations without easy access to power outlets.


3. Battery Compatibility: The fan is compatible with 20V MAX* batteries, allowing you to use the same battery you already have for other cordless tools in your arsenal. This means you can interchangeably use the batteries among different tools, making it more convenient and cost-effective.


4.Versatile Placement: The fan is designed with convenience in mind. It can be placed in different ways, including standing it up, hanging it, or mounting it wherever you need it. This feature ensures that it doesn't get in the way of your work while providing efficient cooling.

5.Variable Speed Control: With variable speed control, you can adjust the fan's power setting according to your preference and the cooling needs of the work environment. This feature allows for better control over the airflow intensity.



Overall, the 21V MAX* Cordless Jobsite Fan seems to be a practical and versatile tool that can enhance comfort and productivity during hot work days, especially when paired with the interchangeable 20V MAX* batteries from other cordless tools.

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